Tech Event Photography

16th August 2023

I’m often found at tech events taking photos, frequently mistaken for the official photographer. I’m not, I just like doing it and wanted to share why and some tips.

Anyone who knows me and my work well knows that I love the intersection between technology and creativity. Doing photography at tech events allows me to get to throw a bit of community into the mix too.

Technical, creative and community

I’ve always found conferences to be especially challenging as a photographer, especially whilst I’m also attending as a delegate.

Like in many creative endeavours, I enjoy working with the constraints and technical challenges the environment provides.

Here are some of the challenges I find are common:

I tend to try to shoot, edit and publish photos during the talk itself. This is where community comes in. I’ve been involved in running tech events myself over the years and I’ve always enjoyed advocating for the rich, diverse and incredible tech communities I’m a part of. It helps build stronger ecosystems, encourages people along to share their knowledge and has helped me personally build connections in the industry.

I’ve actually found a personal benefit in doing this as well. Much like some people write notes to help them remember what they’ve learnt, I find that taking photos helps me to recall the content of the talk far beyond the day itself.


I usually post my photos up to 𝕏 (formally Twitter) towards the end of each session and will often comment on what I thought about the talk.

When posting I’ll normally select one wide-angle shot (ideally with the title slide and event branding) and one profile shot of the speaker. I’ll also try to include a link to the speaker’s account and the event hashtag. Here is an example:

At the end of the event, I’ll post a link to the full album on Flickr/Google Photos.

Public domain

This is a personal choice but I post all my photos explicitly as public domain. This means that others including speakers can use them freely without attribution.

Some of my favourite photos

Ana Balica @ Render 2017
Andy and Nadia @ Bath Ruby 2016
Ben Foxall @ Render 2017
James White @ FITC - Amsterdam 2016
Cat Hunter @ ConfConf 2016
Joshua Davis and Gavin Strange @ Reasons to: Design, Code, Create 2016
Gmunk @ FITC - Amsterdam 2016
Ida @ Pixel Pioneers Workshop 2018
Jessica Hische @ Reasons to: Design, Code, Create 2016
Kent Beck @ Cookpad Sessions
Jaycee @ South West Ruby - November 2019
Matz @ South West Ruby - July 2019
Liz Love @ Product Tank - September 2018
Nic Alpi @ Design/ Build/ Market 2016
Phil Nash @ Render 2017
Phil Hawksworth @ Pixel Pioneers - 2023
Drone shot @ Pixel Pioneers - 2017
Remy Sharp @ FF Conf 2018
Oliver Lindberg @ Confconf 2017
Schwad @ Brighton Ruby 2023


Equipment I use

Since I’m not a professional photographer I don’t have a lot of high-end equipment, but I do have a few things that I use.