Ahoy! I'm Adam & I'm a Bristol based developer and founder of TechTalks.

I'm CTO at BBC Maestro. I was also previously a contract Ruby/JS developer, CTO of Ordoo & was a developer at Simpleweb.

I'm the organiser of Bristol JS, a Ruby & JavaScript developer, creative coder, speaker, photographer & Hardware Hacker. I once connected a squirrel to the internet. True story.

Fancy grabbing a coffee?


I switched to contracting in June 2020 to provide myself more time to work on TechTalks, so far here is the work I've done:

Develop Me Training - March 2020 - Teacher

I did a week of teaching at Develop Me coving the "Advanced React" module.

Tru.id - June - July 2020 - Front-end Development

Whilst Tru.id was in "stealth mode" I built an early landing page, user dashboard, integrated their authentication flow and bootstrapped their docs. It's an awesome project and great team, you should check them out.

FreeAgent - July 2020 - January 2021 - Ruby & JS Development

I contributed to a major feature that helps customers with their near-term cashflow. A little more about this here.

CareScribe - January 2021 - present - Ruby & JS Development

Working with a small team building various accessibility products. Helping to establish good development practice, automation and contribute to product development.

I'm next available from July 2021, get in contact if you'd like to work with me.





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